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[Phygital StoreTour] Amazon Style - Decathlon - Alltricks- myToys

Hosted by Adrien Serres, Samuel Maes & Maxence Dislaire
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Because you don't have too much time to visit innovative store, i thought that we could spend an hour in a unique Phygital Store Tour online, it might help you in some key decisions for the futur of retail. Phygital or Digital in Store bring new ways to sell products thanks to innovative display and solution in store. Find out how some retailers are dealing with it in this Tour.

So let's spend together 1 hour online :

🔹 Let's visit AMAZON STYLE in Los Angeles. We have visited this unique boutique from Amazon. It offers a seamless and elevated shopping experience. Using the Amazon Shopping app, customers simply scan an item’s QR code to see sizes, colors, overall customer ratings, and additional product details.

​🔹 Decathlon city in Lille. Its latest downtown concept in town, rue de Béthune. We can say that Lille is very tractable on the subject of downtown formats. How to present the entire range of product in a smaller shop in city?

🔹 Alltricks in Marseille. How to present & sell an entire range of 65 000 online product in store in a 400M2? They've installed TouchScreen combinent with segmented IOT .

🔹 Let's go to myToys in Berlin & Stuttgart. The team was looking for solutions to present & sell their bulky and cumbersome products but can't have them in store due to lack of space (trampolines, bikes, carts, garden houses, swings...).

Phygital can pay off big time; but the instructions for use are well hidden! It exists but it's not easy to find 💙. You may be making the same mistakes that dozens of companies have already made before you ⚠️. We will help you succeed in this new way of shopping experience.

Already + 2,000 retail professionals have participated in this phygitalized retail Tour that takes place every 2nd Thursday of each month between 12:00 and 1:00 pm, live, in meeting format (everyone sees each other) since the end of 2020!

See you there!
Adrien and the Improveeze Team 💙.