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Gagan Biyani on Building Udemy | Stoa School

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“I have the distinct pleasure of being both the founder of a unicorn and the founder of a massive failure.”

Gagan Biyani

As co-founder of Udemy, Gagan helped build the largest platform for online courses. As CEO of Sprig, he tried to spark a food delivery revolution but failed after raising $50M.

Gagan has been an integral part of fostering the “growth hacking” culture in the valley. He helped out Lyft as their first growth marketeer and put down their launch playbook for entering new markets.

After travelling the world for 3 years, Gagan is back with his new EdTech startup which helps creators build Cohort Based Courses (CBCs).


What’s the talk about?

Join us live on YouTube for Stoa School’s MBA Bootcamp Inaugural talk as Gagan walks us through his journey growing up an immigrant kid and breaking into the Sillcon Valley startup scene as a relative outsider.

In his first ever public talk for the Indian audience, Gagan will also share his struggles and experience with building Udemy just a few years after graduating from college.

This will be followed by a brief Q&A session. We’ll also hear Gagan out on his vision for EdTech at his new startup.


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