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Stoa School: Live Q&A for aspirants

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Considering applying to Stoa School but have questions that you seek answers to?

We at Stoa School recognize and respect your need for seeking clarity before you commit yourself to our rigorous selection process.

Hence, we're running a live Q&A session on Zoom where our team members will address your questions on anything and everything that you might want to know about Stoa School.

Join in. We promise that you'll leave with a better sense of what you should do next.

Questions and Themes that we'll address

  • Who is Stoa School for?

  • Should I enrol for Stoa School instead of an MBA?

  • What happens during the Stoa School live sessions?

  • What all can I expect to learn at Stoa School?

  • What are the profiles of my potential peers?

  • What's the admission and interview process like?

  • What career outcomes can I expect?

  • What are the program fees? Are financing options available?

  • How much time am I expected to commit?

  • Will this help me get a better job?

Stoa School Panelists


Note: In case you register and are unable to attend the session, we shall send you a recording of the same.