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🌟Show and Tell: “Still the Stars” w/ Elayna Darcy

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“When Piper's parents went missing on a mission to another world, she feared she might never see them again. But when a shadow wielding demon shows up at her high school, tempting her with the the promise of finding them, she and her friends set off on an interstellar odyssey to try and bring them home.”

Elayna’s brand new book, STILL THE STARS, is a YA space fantasy novel in verse. Jen St Jude calls STILL THE STARS "euphoric and devastating... a stunning adventure full of glitter, magic, and light. Piper--bi, fat, anxious, and determined--is a hero I would follow across every constellation. This book heals.”

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The best part of S&T is that the collection of talks are often very eclectic, and as we always say, are just the beginning of new conversations.

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