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Starknet Conference India

Hosted by TPG & 3 others
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Bengaluru, Karnataka
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Greetings, Stellar Starknet Enthusiasts!✨

Get ready to dive into the electrifying realm of the Starknet Conference India, where the fusion of ideas and innovation ignites a spark of excitement! Brace yourselves for a thrilling edition set against the vibrant backdrop of ETHIndia Week in the heart of Namma Bengaluru!🚀

- 10:00 AM: Registration & Swag Collection
- 11:00 AM: Kakarot zkEVM - What is next beyond L2s? by Harsh and Danilo (Kakarot)
- 11:30 AM: The rise of next-gen derivatives DEXes by Anand (Paradex)
- 12:00 PM: Decentralization, PBS, and MEV in Starknet by Tomasz (Nethermind)
- 12:30 - 2:00PM: Lunch
- 2:00 PM: Evolution of wallets with Account Abstraction and Intents by Rishabh (Banana HQ), Aniket (Biconomy), Garvit (Pimlico), Gnana Lakshmi (Starknet Foundation)
- 2:30 PM: Fireside Chat with Mustafa (Celestia) and Rohit (Jediswap)
- 3:00 PM: Introducing Madara stack by Apoorv (Madara, Karnot)
- 3:30 PM: Tradeoffs between different zkVM and zkEVMs and zk DSL implementations by Danilo (Kakarot) , Toghrul(Scroll) , Anish(Panther Protocol) , Liron(Starkware) , Abhilash(Reclaim Protocol)
- 4:00 PM: How do we bring DeFi to next 100M users? by Sharan (Brine) , Vinay(Hashstack) , Rohit(Jediswap)
- 4:30 PM: Evolution of permissionless human coordination by Rohit Goyal (Jediswap)
- 5:00 PM:Escape hatch for Starknet Appchains by Liron (Starkware)
- 5:30 PM: Unlocking new usecases by bringing attested web2 data onchain using zk by Sachin (zkp2p)

What are you searching for? Come hang out with the top brains in the ZK world at the Starknet Conference India! 💫

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Bengaluru, Karnataka
788 Going