Cover Image for Soroban x Rise In Happy Hour @ETHDenver 2024
Cover Image for Soroban x Rise In Happy Hour @ETHDenver 2024
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Soroban x Rise In Happy Hour @ETHDenver 2024

Past Event
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About Event

Join us for an exclusive evening of networking and unwinding at the Soroban X Rise In Happy Hour, hosted by the Stellar Development Foundation and Rise In! 💙

Set against the vibrant backdrop of ETHDenver 2024, this event promises to be an unforgettable gathering of minds and talents from the Web3 space.

We’re excited to host you for an evening of engaging conversations, refreshing drinks, and the chance to connect with fellow blockchain enthusiasts and professionals. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to network with leaders and innovators in the field.


🚪 8:00 PM: Doors Open & Welcome
🎙️ 8:30 PM: Remarks by the Stellar Development Foundation and Rise In team
🥂 9:00 PM till midnight: Food, Drinks, DJ & Networking

Why Attend?

🤝 Meet the Stellar Development Foundation and Rise In Team Members: Get up close and personal with the team behind Stellar's Soroban who are driving innovation making smart contracts development easier. Meet and network with Rise In team members who are on a mission to onboard developers into Web3 at scale.

🔎 Explore the Soroban Ecosystem: Dive deep into Soroban, the Stellar Network's new smart contract platform. Discover how its dev-friendly design is setting a new standard for scalability and efficiency in blockchain tech.

🥂 Network with Peers and Experts: Connect with like-minded developers, founders, and blockchain enthusiasts. Build valuable connections, share insights, and foster collaborations that could shape your next big project.

💡Showcase Your Ideas: Have a groundbreaking idea or project? This is your stage. Share and discuss your ideas or project with an audience that appreciates innovation and could help bring your vision to life.

Who Should Attend?

This event is a must for anyone passionate about the bleeding edge of technology and the decentralized future. Whether you're a developer, founder, student or a blockchain enthusiast you'll find value, inspiration, and perhaps the start of something new at our gathering.

About Soroban:

Soroban represents the next leap in smart contract platforms—designed from the ground up to be sensible, scalable, and supremely developer-friendly. While it seamlessly integrates with Stellar, enhancing the capabilities of both platforms, Soroban stands independent.

It's an open invitation to developers from any background—whether you're working with other blockchains, layer-2 solutions, or permissioned ledgers—to explore its potential and build innovative applications.

About Rise In:

Rise In creates talent ecosystems for leading web3 protocols. We are one of the strongest communities in India and Turkey for devs looking to learn web3.

We provide one of the most structured onboarding experiences into web3 for web2 developers for 200,000+ developers in our platform through our online courses, bootcamps, project building, and developer retention activities.

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