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Hosted by Gabriel & 4 others
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Social Afterglow is an inclusive networking party where industry leaders can share ideas and network with other passionate people in the Web3 space. 

Tako Protocol - Tako Protocol is an Open Social Recommendation Protocol. It act as a Recommendation/Distribution Layer that enables value transmission within social graphs

Apex Protocol - ApeX Pro is a permissionless, non-custodial and non-KYC derivatives DEX, powered by StarkWare's Layer 2 scalability engine StarkEx, operating on an orderbook model and delivering cross-margined perpetual contracts.

Gas Zero - GasZero is the First 0 Gas Fee ZK-Rollup, dedicated to enabling seamless migration from Web 2 users to Web 3 without any barriers.

zkME - zkME is the first zk identity oracle, providing anonymous user verifications on-chain for increased security and privacy.


Izumi Finance - iZUMi Finance is a multi-chain DeFi protocol providing One-Stop Liquidity as a Service (LaaS). Its philosophy is that every token deserves better on-chain liquidity in an efficient and lasting way.

Mask - Mask Network aims to bridge the Web 2.0 users to Web 3.0.

Republik - REPUBLIK is a social media network and content monetisation platform. Through the use of blockchain technology and smart contracts, creators and their audiences are incentivised to engage and earn rewards by utilising the platform’s suite of interaction features.

dAppOS - dappOS is the first intent-centric operating protocol. dappOS V2 is providing CeFi-like user experience and complete decentralization at the same time, with new features of unified account, support for task dependency, and new bidding system.

Rarimo - Rarimo is an interoperability protocol making assets, identities, and dApps multi-chain. One of the key features distinguishing them from all other interoperability bridges is their focus on decentralized identities and social.

DWF Labs - DWF Labs is the global digital asset market maker and multi-stage web3 investment firm, one of the world's largest high-frequency cryptocurrency trading entities, which trades spot and derivatives markets on over 60 top exchanges.