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Pitching Your Brand's Story to Win Everyone's Hearts

Hosted by Skillsme Academy
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Do you want your company to truly stand out?

For investors to be touched by your company's story, for job applicants to dream of becoming a part of your team and for your employees to be inspired by working for your company's mission? Then you don't want to miss this workshop.

In this workshop, you will learn about the power of storytelling and how you can apply it to your brand. Here are some of the things that will be covered:

  • How to persuade your listeners, be it investors, employees or clients

  • How to inspire people when talking about your brand's mission

  • How to create a powerful brand story

By the end of this workshop, you will have your company's (or personal) brand story ready to be shared with the world!

This workshop is best for social entrepreneurs, start-ups, freelancers and professionals wanting to develop their company's or personal brand.

Presenter: Diana Robertson

Diana Robertson is an award-winning speaker, storyteller and founder of Skillsme Academy ( Having been a shy introvert herself, she has now devoted her life to helping introverts unleash their potential with the power of communication skills.

What is Skillsme Academy?

Skillsme Academy, UK ( helps people develop outstanding communication skills to achieve more out of life, be it passing a job interview, acing the first date or successfully pitching for investment.


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