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Shardeum Surulere Lagos Web3 Meetup

Hosted by Itunu Sharon & 4 others
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​​Shardeum is the world’s first EVM-based L1 blockchain that scales linearly i.e., the network can scale up by simply adding more nodes. Further, it can auto-scale up or down depending on the traffic in the network. It aims to be the first Web3 platform to overcome the blockchain trilemma.

​​Agenda for the day

​​Welcome note and introduction to Shardeum: Host will make a presentation about the project, its underlying technology, and how the community is the CEO of the project. You will also learn more about how you can join and contribute to the project.

A hands-on session to claim 100 $SHM tokens + POAP giveaway
During this session, the event host Sharon, will show you how to claim 100 SHM (Shardeum token is called Shard or 'SHM') testnet tokens with simple instructions. All you need is a mobile phone. You can further drop your wallet address in the Shardeum Ikeja Telegram group to be eligible for POAP airdrops -

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​We also encourage you to join the above Telegram channel to stay updated with project news and oppurtunities.


Earning money in games has largely been a one-way street. However,the psychology of gaming has changed. Peter Onugha will take you through the world of gamefi, covering everything from what it is and how it works and how you can be earning through it

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Are you ready to be relevant by playing a role in the future of tech? The emerging market for web3 job is brimming with opportunities and only 1% who can latch unto it early enough will run the world. Ibrahim Ganiu,founder of MercuryWeb3Hub will discuss extensively on exploring career opportunities,their salary range,and the skills required for these Web3 jobs.

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Quiz time

​​We will have a quiz about Shardeum. Take the quiz and stand a chance to win exciting prizes.

​​AMA - The floor is yours now to ask any questions you may have to our speakers.

Networking - Time for some networking. Talk to experts more personally and exchange your ideas with others at the event. You might meet your future co-founder, business partner, employer, or fellow Web3 enthusiast. You never know!!


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