Cover Image for Shardeum - Kigali Meetup
Cover Image for Shardeum - Kigali Meetup
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Shardeum - Kigali Meetup

Hosted by Niwagaba Joab & Ramprasad Vinayagamoorthy
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About Event

Shardeum is the world’s first EVM-based L1 blockchain that scales linearly i.e., the network can scale up by simply adding more nodes. Further, it can auto-scale up or down depending on the traffic in the network. It aims to be the first Web3 platform to overcome the blockchain trilemma.

​​​​​Why should you join the meetup?

​​​​​​You have a great opportunity to meet and learn from web3 experts and enthusiasts, web3 entrepreneurs, a highly active Web3 community, and Web3 developers building on blockchain and in Web3.

Agenda for the day

​​​​Welcome note and introduction to Shardeum: Host, Joab Niwagaba will make a presentation about the project, its underlying technology, and how the community is. You will also learn more about how you can join and contribute to the project.


Ahimbisibwe Bryian The Blockchain Analyst will talk about the cutting differences between web3 (introduction to blockchain) and web2, the opportunities that lie with the blockchain space and how to make your visible in this industry.

​​​Networking - Time for some networking. Talk to experts more personally and exchange your ideas with others at the event. You might meet your future co-founder, business partner, employer, or fellow Web3 enthusiast. You never know!!

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19 Going