Cover Image for Mind Health & Technology Symposium: Enhancing Holistic Well-Being and Unlocking Elite Leadership at the World Economic Forum
Cover Image for Mind Health & Technology Symposium: Enhancing Holistic Well-Being and Unlocking Elite Leadership at the World Economic Forum
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Mind Health & Technology Symposium: Enhancing Holistic Well-Being and Unlocking Elite Leadership at the World Economic Forum

Hosted by J3D.AI (Jedi) Labs
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In an era where leadership is as much about internal mastery as it is about external influence, this two-hour session at the World Economic Forum serves as a crucial primer. Here, we delve into the critical aspects of modern leadership: seamless access to advanced brain functions, unlocking the power of the subconscious, and fostering neuroplasticity for adaptability and growth. These elements are pivotal for leaders to effectively navigate personal, societal, and global challenges.

Rooted in the latest findings from neuroscience, trauma research, and polyvagal theory, this session offers more than just insights—it provides a practical experience. Attendees will engage with state-of-the-art technology, showcasing live how these tools can aid in the evolution of leadership skills. This session is a journey into the depths of our inner world, emphasizing the significance of cognitive and emotional resilience in the face of today’s rapidly changing leadership landscape.

The session will be conducted by distinguished experts in the field, the global healthcare leader Dr. Arne Heissel, specializing in trauma processing. The session will also feature the groundbreaking Elusis Haptic Matt with Sensit! Inside, a Brain Health Technology.


Dr. Arne Heissel

A 25+ year global healthcare leader turned state of consciousness expert and researcher, modern mystic, and quantum healer. Dr. Heissel's impactful work has guided hundreds in transforming trauma into growth opportunities and transmuting fear into love. 

As a recognized brainwave expert, he has showcased his expertise in EEG analysis during an Italian TV documentary on remote viewing and has been an integral part of a major ongoing study on altered states of consciousness. Dr. Heissel is dedicated to awakening individuals to the untapped capabilities of the 'Awakened Mind.' Currently, he is working on a comprehensive update and modernization of the celebrated Awakened Mind protocol, originally developed by Anna Wise, which has been a seminal part of the human performance movement at Esalen, CA, for over 30 years.

Session Objectives:

  • Understand the key principles of Mind Health and its impact on leadership performance

  • Identify the unique brainwave patterns of top performers and how to cultivate them

  • Learn how to utilize Mind Health Technology to enhance decision-making, creativity, and resilience

  • Experience the positive effects of Mind Health Technology through practical demonstrations and hands-on exercises

Session Agenda:

10  Minutes: Introduction to Mind Health and its importance for leaders

15 Minutes: The Brainwave Patterns of Elite Performers

15 Minutes: Trauma-Informed Leadership: Turning Challenges into Opportunities

60 Minutes: Practical Application of Mind Health Technology

20 Minutes: Q&A and Discussion

Target Audience:

  • Executives and leaders seeking to enhance their mental performance and well-being

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners looking to optimize their decision-making and creativity

  • Professionals in high-pressure or demanding roles

  • Anyone interested in exploring the transformative power of Mind Health Technology

Benefits of Attending:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the mind-body connection and its impact on leadership performance

  • Learn how to identify and cultivate the brainwave patterns of top performers

  • Discover how to utilize Mind Health Technology to enhance cognitive function, stress management, and emotional regulation

  • Experience the positive effects of Mind Health Technology through practical demonstrations

  • Elevate your personal and professional well-being to achieve peak performance and success

Call to Action:

We encourage you to join us for this transformative session and experience the power of Mind Health Technology firsthand. By investing in your mental well-being, you can unlock your full potential as a leader and create a positive impact on the world around you.

Please note:

  • The session will accommodate 20 participants.

  • Participants will rotate through the various stations throughout the 80-minute practical application portion of the session.

  • The Elusis Haptic Matt with Sensit! Inside will be available for 4 participants to experience. 

We look forward to welcoming you to this inspiring and transformative session!

About the event:

About Sensit!: 

Sensit! is a multi-brand Haptics company, which sets the standard for haptics. Established in 2019 in Potsdam, Germany, Sensit! is rapidly emerging as the premier global authority in haptic integration. Their innovative approach transforms digital experiences with immersive haptic feedback (simply put: through vibrations), turning any sound, telemetry, or interaction data into a tangible experience. 

This ground-breaking technology enhances user engagement across various applications. Sensit! prides itself on offering 'sense-as-a-service,' enabling customers to effortlessly create custom vibrational feedback and haptic solutions tailored to their unique needs, all without requiring specialized knowledge in the field. 

This user-friendly approach positions Sensit! at the forefront of haptic technology, making it the go-to choice for integrating tactile feedback into digital experiences worldwide.

About Elusis: 

Elusis is redefining wellness for the modern age with its immersive music experience. This innovative approach gently stimulates the brain, guiding individuals towards positive mental states and transforming stress into balance, restoration, and deep relaxation. Achieved through the harmonious blend of science, music, and technology.

Leveraging insights about the healing effects of music and sound, Elusis has developed a science-backed, immersive, and entertaining experience. This achievement is realized by integrating specific frequencies and tactile vibrations into beautifully orchestrated 4D music.

In collaboration with Sensit!, Elusis is set to showcase this concept on their innovative zero-gravity lounger, which features a haptic-embedded mattress. Participants will be treated to a unique brainwave-entraining sound and haptic experience, perfectly encapsulating the vision of personalized and holistic well-being.

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