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Starknet Hacker House Denver

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Denver, Colorado
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Applications Close: 19 January 2024

Hello Starknet Community, welcome to another version of the Starknet Hacker House - this time, in Denver Colorado right before the ETH Denver 2024

The Hacker House will be from the 22nd of February to the 27th of February and include housing, food and a free ticket to StarkCity Denver! 

While most Hacker Houses traditionally enable individual hackers to explore protocols, in line with our past Hacker Houses, we're taking a different approach. We highly encourage applicants to collaborate and form teams, directing their efforts toward developing ideas with the potential to blossom into successful business ventures! We are here to support you in this initiative.

You can apply to the hacker house in teams with a feasible business idea, for which enough background research has been done and indicates clear pros for building this idea in the Starknet ecosystem. For those of you who wish to apply in teams, the following team size restrictions apply:

  • Minimum team size: 3

  • Maximum team size: 4

Your team should consist of at least one Smart Contract/Backend Developer and 1 Front End Developer.

Make sure that all of your team members are filling up the application individually and mention your team name as a common denominator

Let the applications begin!

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