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Your Words Matter: Conscious Language with Devyn Stone

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Join us as we welcome Devyn Stone (he/him) for Your Words Matter: Conscious Language on Thursday, May 19th at 7pm EST over Zoom!

​​​​This workshop will be recorded and will be made available to everyone who registers for 7 days following the workshop.

They say actions speak louder than words, and the adage isn’t any less true within the sexuality and BDSM community. Oftentimes, however, the language we draft has an opportunity to act and create impressions before we have a chance to speak. Whether you’re drafting policies, designing signs for your dungeon, or creating invitations to your event, you will want to make everyone feel included. In “Conscious Language,” Devyn Stone fosters discussion with participants on how to consciously craft language and persona in media and presentation in order to evoke the values and principles of individuals, organizations, and event spaces. Please note: there will be examples of language that may be harmful to BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, Neurodiverse, and disabled folx in order to demonstrate to attendees what is and isn’t conscious language.

By the end of this workshop, participants will:

  • Become aware of the use of harmful language.

  • Start the process of removing or replacing harmful language

About Devyn Stone

Devyn Stone is a self-awareness and BDSM educator, author, and alternative lifestyles coach. He dreams of globe trotting and helping folx achieve the connections they desire, while they learn themselves more deeply. He believes in diversity not division, and actualizes that idea by promoting strongly affirming spaces and interactions. Devyn has a passion for giving and receiving education - his favorite topics are psychology, negotiation, consent, relationship construction, and organization. His “Quick Reference” books covered affirming gender, creating protocol, negotiating authority in relationships, and more. He is the Founder of Pragmatically Kinking, where members discuss the practical aspects of BDSM, and THRIVE, a virtual conference dedicated to the intersection of mental health and BDSM. Devyn’s been actively practicing authority transfer dynamics since 2004. Today he lives in Colorado Springs, CO with his property, Guan-Xuan, who is unquestionably devoted to his will. Devyn is an extrovert, a Sons of Anarchy fan, and a foodie. Learn more at!

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