Sex Trivia: Home Edition 2022!



This event is no longer taking registrations.

Event Information

Do you have what it takes to call yourself a Sexpert? Here's your chance to flex your sex smarts without having to leave your house (or, let's be honest, put on pants). Join SHIP on Friday, January 21st at 7:30PM EST over Zoom for laughter, community, and a chance to win some sexy prizes!


To Register:

  • Register using the form above and begin brainstorming your Trivia name (because you can't have a trivia event without a fun name!)

  • Tickets are available on a sliding scale ($3-$30) to ensure folx of varying economic backgrounds are able to access the event. If cost is a barrier, you can access the event for free by entering the code SHIP-FREE when registering (we kindly ask that those who have the financial means to purchase a ticket do so, and save our sponsored free tickets to those who do not).

  • If you would like to form a "Team" we ask that you limit the number of teammates to no more than 4 people. If you are not in the same location as your teammates, you can make a group chat to confer on answers in between questions.

  • We kindly ask that each teammate everyone signs up individually, rather than a group. This helps us ensure everyone participating has agreed to the Participant Consent + Disclaimers and has affirmed that they are at least 18 years old.

After you register, we will send you an email with the event login information (be sure to check your spam folder!). If you haven't already, make sure you download Zoom before we all log on:


How it works:

  • Questions are all about sex and sexuality-related topics

  • There will be 3 regular rounds, 1 bonus round (points are worth double in the bonus round)

  • Each round will have 5 questions

  • We'll be broadcasting the questions via Powerpoint and also saying each question out loud to keep the social aspects of trivia going strong!

  • After each question, you will have about a minute to submit your answer

  • Submit answers by going to and entering the code at the top of the screen

The Rules:

  • Please, no smart phones, iPads, laptops, or other technology or outside sources to look up answers… just your brains and bodies

  • Please keep yourself muted while the questions are being read. You may unmute yourself in between rounds to interact with other players and the host.

  • Only submit one answer per team (and teams are limited to 4 players)

  • As long as your answer phonetically sounds like the correct answer, it will be accepted.

  • Please conduct yourself in a manner that is in line with behavior outlined here

If you have any questions, or experience any issues registering, please reach out to [email protected]


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Once you register, you will be able to join the event.