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The Kids are Alright: Youth Sexuality & Technology with Erica McNabb

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​Join us as we welcome Erica McNabb (they/them) for The Kids are Alright: Youth Sexuality & Technology on Tuesday, November 16th at 7:00 PM EST over Zoom!

Please note: This workshop will not be recorded.

Youth deserve to have safe and satisfying sexual experiences if, when and where they choose to. For many youth, that includes on their phones or online. We may feel unsure about how to talk to the youth in our lives about things like sexting, nudes (sharing sexual images or videos) and pornography. It can be hard to work through our feelings and values about youth sexuality and technology. Finding information can also be difficult, as media often preys on our worst fears and highlights worst-case scenarios.

In this workshop we’ll explore approaches, information and resources that can help us in our conversations with youth about sexuality and technology. Any adult with youth (13-21 ish) in their lives is welcome - parents, caregivers, family members, mentors, service providers, educators, and more!

Through this workshop, participants will reflect on our values related to youth sexuality and technology; challenge stigma and victim blaming and focus instead on supporting youth who experience digital sexual violence; and explore harm reduction, sex positivity and youth allyship strategies for supportive conversations with youth about sexuality and technology.


About Erica McNabb

My name is Erica McNabb. I’m a white, Fat, Queer Femme; Momma to two delightful queerspawn; and a wildly creative and resourceful ADHD babe / neurodivergent person. I live, work and play on Anishinaabe and Ininiw land, homeland of the Métis nation, Treaty 1 Territory (colonially known as Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada).

I’ve been facilitating Sex Ed workshops for 20 years, and recently launched my own Sex Education practice. I create one of a kind sex ed workshops for youth ages 13-21 (ish…), and the adults in their lives (caregivers, educators, etc.).

I believe that sex education has the potential to create a more just world. Values at the core of my work are decolonizing, anti-racism, anti-oppression, intersectional feminism, 2STLGBQ+ liberation, and Reproductive Justice. I'm grateful for what I learn from Indigenous Women and feminisms, Two-Spirit and Indigequeer people, and BIPOC people- particularly QTBIPOC.

I believe that making sex ed fun creates engaging, accessible, and pleasurable experiences. For me, pleasure focussed sex ed isn’t just about the content- it’s about the learning experience itself. You can learn more about me and ask me questions at , @SexEdErica on Instagram and TikTok.



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