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Please Kink Responsibly: An Intro to Safety in BDSM / Kink with Chelsey Morgan

Tue, Nov 2, 11:00 PM - Nov 3, 1:00 AM UTC


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Event Information

​Join us as we welcome Chelsey Morgan (They/Them) for Please Kink Responsibly: An Intro to Safety in BDSM / Kink on Tuesday, November 2nd at 7:00 PM EST over Zoom!

​​This workshop will be recorded and will be made available for a limited time to everyone who registers.

This workshop is designed to address safety concerns in common Kink and BDSM practices, which are often first explored by beginners in the kink community so as to curate risk-awareness for those interested in diving into the world of sexual taboo. This workshop is inclusive of all people. Specifically, those of all gender identities, those who identify as disabled, and those whose bodyminds find liberation in the clear communication, creativity and inclusivity inherent in kink, even if you do not hold the identity of "kinky".

As a disclaimer, this is not a comprehensive overview of all the dangers associated with kink, nor is it a comprehensive list of kinky behaviors. This is meant to be used as a starting point to assess health risks associated with introducing kink into your erotic profile and only covers behaviors within the following categories of BDSM: Bondage, Impact Play, Sensation Play, and Breath Play.

The goal of this workshop is for students to recognize the importance of consent and safety in kink and to provide a baseline awareness of safety concerns in common Kink / BDSM practices.

Through this workshop participants to be able to identify the most common types of play for those first introduced to BDSM / Kink, to recognize the inherent risks associated with these common kink practices, and to recall at least 3 different practices they can employ in order to minimize the physical risks associated with kink play.


About Chelsey Morgan
Mx. Chelsey Morgan (pronouns: they / them). Chelsey is an autistic, Afro-Latinx, pansexual, polyamorous, and non-binary writer, sex educator and media maker. They practice trauma-informed sex education with focuses on Mental Health Awareness, BDSM and Kink, LGBTQ+ populations, Non-monogamy and Media Literacy, all from an intersectional, justice - centered and trauma informed lens.

They've studied Holistic Sex Education at the Institute for Sexuality Education and Enlightenment and Justice Frameworks at Ante Up Professional Development and have certifications in Mental Health First Aid and Psychological First Aid. For the past decade, they have held a diverse career in media, with work ranging from cable television, documentary film and theatrical productions to modern dance, ballet and circus and have taught courses on sexuality, accountability and DEI on a variety of platforms.

They have spent their career working to uplift the stories of the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities and are currently working as an Intimacy Coordinator for Film and Television, where they continue to spend their career advocating for accurate, consensual, and inclusive representations of sexuality in the media. To learn more about their work you can find them on Instagram at MxCMorgan or their website at



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