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SHIP x LUNA COVID Safe Pride Social

Hosted by SHIP
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This event is not currently taking registrations. You may contact the host or subscribe to receive updates.
About Event

SHIP and LUNA Community Care are teaming up to host a COVID cautious, disability-friendly Pride month mixer! Come make new queer, disabled, neurodivergent (or all of the above) connections in person at Industrious Spirit Co. We will also have a genderful photobooth provided by Kaitlyn Amaral!!!

$1 from each drink pour will be donated to LUNA and SHIP to continue bringing more disability, sex positive events and education to the community.

COVID Precautions in Place:

  • The event will occur outdoors except for the bathroom and ordering of drinks at the bar. 

  • The staff at ISCO will be wearing kN95 masks for the duration of the event

  • A small HEPA filter will be running in the indoor bar area

  • Masks will be required unless eating or drinking (don’t worry, we’ll have some at the door if you forget yours!)

  • We ask that you consider testing before you come and after. If you contract COVID after the event, let us know so we can tell others (don’t worry, we will keep your name private!)

  • ISCO has generously agreed to a partial closure of the space until 7:30, which means that only people there for our event will have access to the space!

Accessibility supports:

  • We will have a sensory zone if you need a quiet environment to step away from the event and will not be playing music throughout the whole space. Instead music will come from a small bluetooth speaker in one direction.

  • We will have conversation cards on the table to help folks spark communication with one another.

  • ASL Interpreters are confirmed in person.

  • We will have stim, fidget devices and question prompts at every table!

  • Plenty of hand sanitizer will be available

We respect and serve all individuals with disabilities regardless of their race, citizenship, social status, sexual orientation, gender identity, neurodivergence, employment within stigmatized economies such as sex work, and lived experiences with drugs and addiction.

To Register

Tickets are available on a sliding scale ($3-$10) to ensure folx of varying economic backgrounds are able to access the resources they deserve. We ask those who have the financial means to help "spread the wealth" by contributing to the community pool so that we can offer a limited number of sponsored free tickets to those who need it. All ticket fees will be shared between SHIP & LUNA Community Care.

​​We kindly ask that those who have the financial means to purchase a ticket do so, and save our sponsored free tickets to those who do not. ​​

​​To access this event for free, please enter the code SHIP-FREE when registering.

LUNA Community Care is a Disabled workers cooperative that provides peer support, education, training, advocacy and community events centered around Neurodiversity and Disability Justice. SHIP is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing culturally inclusive, medically accurate, and pleasure-guided sexuality education, therapy, and professional training to adults.