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OxBridge Application Masterclass - Exclusively for Hong Kong students

Hosted by Rostrum Education & 3 others
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Admissions at Oxbridge require more than just high grades and letters of recommendation. One must stand out from the crowd and demonstrate academic excellence through their applications. To that end, one must seek to build well-rounded profiles, craft gripping narratives in their UCAS Personal Statement, score well on their Oxbridge entrance test and be amply prepared for the interview. Oxbridge uses these criteria to judge the strengths of the student.

At Rostrum Education, we often encounter students with a competitive profile for top universities but struggle to comprehend the application process.

Join us on Wednesday, September 21st, 2022, to learn more about our bespoke application support services!

There will be a 30-minute open forum and Q&A session to describe the points covered in the discussion.

​​To understand what it takes to reach your dream university, come and interact with Rostrum's Overseas Admissions Specialist, Mr Gwyn Day.