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1:1 session with Renee Valdez

Hosted by Angel Club & Renee Valdez
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Renee is a great person to talk with about:

  • Product Market Fit

  • Product Strategy

  • User Experience

  • Emerging Technologies

About Renee Valdez

Currently SVP of Product at Tuned, I work at the intersection of hearing, audio, technology and telehealth after a long career in the digital media industry.

Previously residing in New York City & Seattle, I worked as Senior Director of Product for Napster, Director of Product Development for SiriusXM, and have worked in Product Management for large media brands like MTV, Comedy Central, Spike and NBC. I've also worked in smaller startups like Yonder Music managing their app across Southeast Asian markets. As Senior Product Manager in Apps & Emerging Platforms at Viacom for nearly a decade, I worked on a suite of apps on many platforms for Comedy Central, MTV, Spike, Bellator MMA, VH1, Logo, and BET. I joined Viacom in 2008 just as Apple was launching the App Store. That changed everything and started my obsession with emerging technology.

I have 20 years of experience working with digital media. I've worked freelance as a writer, authoring a book in 2012, a designer, content manager & audio producer. Clients include Packt Publishing,,, Iconduit Media Management &