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The Quaking of America: a spiritual book group on racial healing

Hosted by LJ Boswell
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No Ordinary Book.
No Ordinary Book Group.

Racial healing often gets put aside unless we consciously prioritize it. Perhaps you've tried to work through this and other books on your own? It's difficult to stick with racial healing on our own. We can easily distract ourselves and procrastinate.

We need each other to move through racial healing more effectively.

This book group can help

  • Build presence and discernment in your body

  • Settle your body during the heat of conflict

  • Heal our personal and collective racialized trauma

  • Practice embodied social action

Each chapter is short and concludes with 1-2 embodiment exercises. Each session we will focus on several chapters. By the end we will have worked through all 50 chapters.

While you can participate whether or not you have prepared ahead of time, you will get the most out of our time together if you work through the exercises. The intention of this group is to support each other in digging into the exercises

We will start each session off with an embodiment practice and then share what each of us is experiencing and learning as we work our way through the reading and the exercises.


We will meet bi-weekly on 1pm ET Thursdays starting 3/9 for 5 weeks.

NOTE: THE FIRST & LAST WEEKS RUN FOR 90 Minutes. The others for 1 hour.

Cost - what you comfortably and generously can afford
Suggested rate for the all 6 session in the series = $150  
Suggested sliding scale = $45 - $255 
Please give what you comfortably and generously can!

​Payments can be made via PayPal to, Venmo to LJ Boswell or via check. Please inquire about mailing address.

LJ Boswell facilitates individual and group explorations at the intersection of spirituality & social justice. LJ is a queer, interfaith spiritual director, Quaker mystic and artist.

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