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Cover Image for Web3Samaj: Protocols Conf2049
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Web3Samaj: Protocols Conf2049

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Join Web3Samaj's Protocol Conf 2049 edition, which promises to be Token2049's most technical and knowledge sharing conference ever! Wait, what does this mean?

​Are you tired of attending events where they proclaim, "We're onboarding the next billion users," or "We're developing the best tech—just use our stack," yet they never explain how the technology actually works? Has no one taught you the core infrastructure of web3? Everyone knows what ZK is, but does anyone know how zkEVMs are built? Account abstraction is wonderful, but how does it really work behind the scenes?

​If you want to get your head around these complex topics or if you want to learn more about the infra or L2s or ZK tech, all packed into a one-day conference, you're in the right place! If you want to learn some super shadowy coding stuff and network with builders, VCs, founders, and devs, come through and stay for the entire time! ;)

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