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Polygon Guild SG: From the Founders

Hosted by Polygon Guild SG, SushiKev & Chyi Yan
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About Event

โ€‹It's crypto week in SG and Polygon's founder - Sandeep - has landed on our sunny island ๐Ÿ๏ธ
Come meet the team from Polygon, hear about projects by Polygon and its partners, and mingle with others building in the industry!

โ€‹๐Ÿ—“๏ธ 14 Sep, 3pm-5pm
๐Ÿ“Menyala, Lvl 4 WeWork, 83 Clemenceau Ave, Singapore 239920

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โ€‹Event schedule

  • โ€‹15:00-15:30 Registration and networking

  • โ€‹15:30-16:00 Keynote and Q&A with Polygon Founder

  • โ€‹16:00-17:00 Breakouts into 3 tracks:

    • โ€‹Education: zkEVM - what, how, why, where, who

    • โ€‹Demos: Pancakeswap, Luniverse

    • โ€‹Panel: Polygon, Superscrypt, Astar, Settlemint, Newman Group



โ€‹Sandeep Nailwal is the co-founder and chief operating officer of Polygon. Based in Delhi, Nailwal has spent much of his professional life as a software developer and began his IT career in 2010 as a software engineer at Computer Sciences Corporation. In 2014, he joined Deloitte as a consultant. In the two years following, Nailwal worked as the chief technology and supply chain officer for Welspun Group, a multinational conglomerate based in Mumbai. Later, in March 2016, he launched ScopeWeaver but soon became interested in AI and blockchain technology. In 2017, Nailwal co-founded Polygon, where he continues to serve as chief operating officer.

โ€‹Jarrod Watts is a developer relations engineer and experienced software engineer based in Sydney, Australia. He is devoted to making web3 technology accessible to everyone, and represents Polygon in the APAC region. Through fostering developer relationships, creating educational content, and helping devs build at hackathons, Jarrod actively contributes to advancing blockchain adoption and promoting innovation within the web3 community.

โ€‹CY (Chyi Yan Hshieh) is a Senior Business Development Manager, APAC at Polygon. He strongly believe in the co-creation of value with stakeholders via adoption of technology. Only by bringing value to our stakeholders and contributing to ecosystem, can we truly bring about fruitful and long-lasting opportunities for the industry.


โ€‹Hitesh Joshi has 14 years as a builder engineer, 5+ of which is in web3. He started in web3 in 2018 with Consensus as a senior dev and then a solution architect. In 2023, he joined the venture world, building on his passion for MEV, L2s, learning ZK.


โ€‹Chef Gyoza is a Product Manager at PancakeSwap protocol, a leading multichain all-in-one DeFi protocol. Previously in working on tradfi products, Gyoza found the potential of blockchain too alluring to ignore. First dabbling in NFTs, DeFi protocols and then crypto gaming, heโ€™s now working with many digital chefs to cook up user-friendly crypto experiences that cater to both crypto newbies and DeFi devotees. Gyoza is currently focusing on building high-impact products that enable PancakeSwap to be the top-of-mind DEX for consumers.


โ€‹G.Woo Lim figures at Lambda256, primarily overseeing front-end operations. With a unique blend of expertise, technology with development, ensuring seamless integration in every project.


โ€‹Mingshi Song, Head of R&D at Astar Foundation. He joined Astar Network in 2020 while pursuing EECS at UC Berkeley, focusing on ecosystem development, research, and strategy. Besides his primary role, Mingshi has been actively building in DeFi, NFT, Infra & Tooling, Decentralized Storage, etc., and co-founded several startups with recognition from Stanford's Blockchain Accelerator, and co-authored EIP 7197.


โ€‹Johnny Kok is the APAC Commercial VP for SettleMint, the #1 high-performance, low-code platform for rapid blockchain transformation. He is passionate about innovative technologies particularly blockchain & web3 - how it can be integrated into sustainable business models for the benefit of all and ultimately lead the way into the next industrial revolution. With a diverse experience spanning multiple technologies including AI/ML, Cloud, BNPL across MNCs and startups, he is on a mission to help web2 companies go web3.

โ€‹Newman Group

โ€‹Vivian is responsible for Ecosystem and Growth initiatives at Newman Group, a global Web3 conglomerate that backs several entities including Newman Capital, a proprietary venture capital firm, and Sprint, a Web3 start-up accelerator. Vivian works with Newmanโ€™s entities and portfolio companies to invest in visionary solutions, develop brand and go-to-market strategies, and build synergistic partnerships.

โ€‹More about partners


โ€‹Luniverse is a Web3 infrastructure service platform that offers innovative technology such as a development environment, API, and operation tools that allow users to quickly and easily create blockchain services. The development environment allows all developers and companies to apply blockchain technology to businesses and enter the Web3 space without difficulty. Highly efficient blockchain services can be developed and operated with ease thanks to simple network settings, convenient operating tools, and high-performance chains of over 3000TPS.

โ€‹โ€‹In this year, Luniverse upgraded to Luniverse NOVA, a new version of Luniverse that includes pubic chain infrastructure such as blockchain node services, Multichain API for Ethereum and Polygon blockchain development, as well as a dashboard and data indexing features required for easy blockchain service operation.


โ€‹SettleMint is the #1 high-performance, low-code platform for rapid blockchain transformation that empowers engineering teams to quickly and easily build decentralized applications (dApps) on web3 infrastructure and integrate them seamlessly into existing business operations and legacy systems.

โ€‹SettleMint is the answer to move rapidly and easily from a blockchain use case concept to business case realization in a fraction of time and risk than any other solutions can offer.