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The KINN is a membership network, accelerator, and collaborative workspace for conscious entrepreneurs based in Venice, CA.
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An Evening of Investor Perspectives and Founder Pitches.

This month's presenters:

This experience will also feature expert feedback and Q&A from a panel of active angel and VC investors including:

  • Steve Weiss, angel investor and serial entrepreneur

  • Sophia Cook, impact investor @ Larta Institute

  • Vardaan Vasisht, angel investor and serial entrepreneur

  • Hana Abdelatty, venture fellows @ Climate Justice Project

  • Sam Seliger, angel and venture LP

  • Rachel Horning, angel and impact investor

🔍 Explore the Market: Gain invaluable insights into the current state of the market as a select group of seasoned investors share their perspectives, strategies, and predictions. Whether you're a seasoned investor or a budding entrepreneur, this is an opportunity to deepen your understanding of market trends and emerging opportunities.

🚀 Founder Pitches that Inspire Change: Be front and center as three dynamic founders take the stage to pitch their groundbreaking ventures. These entrepreneurs are not only driven by the pursuit of success but are committed to harnessing the power of capitalism to create positive change in the world. From innovative technologies to sustainable initiatives, witness how these visionaries are transforming industries and making a lasting impact.

🌎 Capitalism for Good: Discover how capitalism can be a force for good. Explore how innovative business models and socially conscious entrepreneurship are shaping a future where profit and purpose coexist harmoniously. Be inspired by stories of founders who are not only building successful enterprises but are also dedicated to making a difference in the world.

🎉 Networking Reception: Following the pitches, enjoy a networking reception where you can mingle with like-minded individuals, exchange ideas, and build connections that may shape the future of your business or investment portfolio.

Don't miss this opportunity to be part of an evening that celebrates the spirit of innovation, impact, and the limitless possibilities that arise when visionary investors and passionate founders come together.

This event is supported by a generous partnership from Justworks.

Justworks provides payroll, benefits, HR, and compliance — all in one place. They are also actively confronting systemic racism and inequity in opportunity for entrepreneurs through the Justworks Thrive program.

Founders making an impact: if you would like to present at an event in 2024, please apply here.

💡About The KINN

The KINN is a membership club and beautiful co-work space for conscious entrepreneurs, based in Venice, CA. Elevate your impact with access to curated events, personalized educational programming, and a dynamic and mission-driven community. Apply and find out more at Instagram

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Networking for innovators to connect with like-minded individuals, startups and entrepreneurs​.


​​​​​Note: By attending this event, I hereby give my permission to the KINN Collective LCC, their Releases and to the photographer, my free and unlimited consent and permission to publish/broadcast, republish/rebroadcast or exhibit in the furtherance of their work, with or without identification of me by name, any photographs, videos or audios of myself, that have been obtained from my participation in KINN or Horizon Studio activities. I furthermore waive any and all claims for any compensation by reason thereof or for damages for reasons thereof.

150 Horizon Ave, Venice, CA 90291, USA
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The KINN is a membership network, accelerator, and collaborative workspace for conscious entrepreneurs based in Venice, CA.