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Pitch Point: IST Breakfast Edition

Hosted by Rene Darmos, Ondrej Fiala & Dexter
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Şişli, İstanbul
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Join us for a morning of knowledge sharing & networking. At Pitch Point, founders and VCs exchange their views to come to new insights about the markets they’re exploring. This is our thesis for new synergies. Today, meet the builders shaping tomorrow.

09.30 - Doors open

09:30 - Event Registration + Coffee/Tea

10:00 - Intro & VC Panel discussions:
- The bear market does not exist: next-gen and next gems
- How not to kill your venture - advices from VCs for founders (with Q&A)

11:00 - Startup & Investor Meetings - networking & matched sessions

12:30 - 13:00 - Closing 

Exclusive Opportunities:

Connect: Engage in intimate conversations with startups at the forefront of Web3 innovation.

Discover: Gain early insights into disruptive technologies that are shaping the landscape of multiple industries.

Collaborate: Form strategic partnerships that position you as a pioneer in the evolving Web3 ecosystem.

Invest: Identify promising ventures for early-stage investments and be a catalyst for transformative growth.

Network: Build lasting relationships with fellow investors and industry leaders during a light networking session.


VC representatives: please contact us via the VC form.
Information about selected projects will be provided in advance. 

Founders: out of submissions, the best founders will be selected to present their project in 1on1s with visiting investors.

Be advised: your startup may not require institutional funding. Be aware of the opportunities of grants, crowdfunding, loans or revenue at early stages before resorting to the sale of your equity or token reserves.

This event is stack agnostic. Choose the tools that best solve the challenge you’re undertaking. 

Contributing funds:

Moonhill Capital

Angels Squad DAO

Signum Capital

LBank Labs



Castrum Capital

& others


ITU Blockchain