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Pear VC Roundtable Series: Pedram Keyani

Hosted by Jill Puente & 4 others
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We're excited for the next event in our co-founder roundtable series. Next up: Pedram Keyani! Pear's Talent Partner, Matt, will lead a discussion with Pedram on topics like:

  • How to think through your first 2-3 hires.

  • How to run an evaluation process for early candidates.

  • How to sell candidates on your vision.

  • How to onboard new people.

  • How non-technical founders managing technical people.

We'll get the programming started at 6:00 PM. Once again, we'll also provide a Zoom link for those who are remote. This is an invite-only series for our CEOs, so please RSVP through this page.


Pedram is a Visiting Partner at Pear. Prior to joining Pear, Pedram led and scaled world-class engineering teams in companies like Uber and Meta. He's one of the leading experts in tech on growing and scaling a first-class engineering function and can share his perspective with CTOs and other co-founders.


Pear VC is a pre-seed and seed stage VC firm that partners with entrepreneurs from their earliest days to build category defining companies. We've invested in top-tier companies including Doordash, Gusto, Branch, Guardant Health, Aurora Solar, Vanta, Affinity and so many more. We're company builders, having founded 10 companies: we help companies find product-market fit, recruit their first engineering hire, and overcome other critical business challenges.