Cover Image for Pear VC x Streamline presents: Grants, RFPs, Venture, Debt - What's Right for My Climate Company?

Pear VC x Streamline presents: Grants, RFPs, Venture, Debt - What's Right for My Climate Company?

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San Francisco, California
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Raising capital for climatetech is different than the standard venture backed route. We’re bringing together all parts of the capital stack — and giving you a chance to pitch your startup.

We are excited to host a panel of experts representing all diversity of climate tech capital including founders like Apoorv Bhargava, CEO and Founder of Weavegrid, Laureen Meroueh, CEO and Founder of Hertha Metals, David Schurman, CTO and Founder of Perennial to Chase Little, Venture Debt at Mercury, to Venture investors of leading climate startups, Vivien Ho, Partner at Pear VC. We’ll start with a panel moderated by Helena Merk, CEO & Founder of Streamline.

After the panel, select founders will have the opportunity to describe what they’re working on and panelists will each advise how their piece of the capital stack plays a role.

We will also have delicious snacks and refreshments while the attendees mingle after breakout.

Streamline helps climate tech companies write 10x faster grants, permits, RPFs, EIRs, and more. They are officially launching on Earth Day but already working with leading climate tech companies like Perennial, Noya, Project Vesta, and Windborne. 

​​​Pear VC is a pre-seed and seed stage VC firm that partners with entrepreneurs from their earliest days to build category defining companies. Pear has been investing in sustainability and climate tech since its inception: Aurora, Nobell Foods, Pearlstreet, Conduit, Repurpose Global, Windborne, Streamline, Farmraise, Lasso, Hertha and more. We're company builders, having founded 12 companies: we help companies find product-market fit, recruit their first engineering hire, and overcome other critical business challenges.

Perennial is taking a science-based, holistic approach to carbon removal: working with farmers and landowners to implement regenerative agriculture practices that not only remove carbon from the atmosphere, but also improve soil health, enhance biodiversity, and support rural communities. Our technology brings accuracy, transparency, and scalability to soil carbon measurement.

WeaveGrid works with utilities, automakers, EVSEs, and EV owners to enable and accelerate the electrification of transportation.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ABOUT HERTHA METALS
Hertha Metals is decarbonizing the backbone to modern industry - steel. Steel is an irreplaceable metal in building our infrastructure, our automobiles, our appliances, and more. Yet it is responsible for more than 8% of global CO2 emissions. Hertha Metals is developing technology to produce iron and steel with 95% less CO2 emissions than the conventional approach, without added cost. Their solution is scalable and can integrate into existing infrastructure to rapidly revolutionize the steel industry in time for the world's 2050 net-zero targets. 

Mercury provides banking services built for Startups.

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