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1:1 session with Patrick Driscoll

Hosted by Angel Club & Patrick Driscoll
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Patrick is a great person to talk with about:

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About Patrick Driscoll

Patrick joined Chasing Rainbows as a General Partner after leading initiatives for LGBTQ+ investors and startups with StartOut and Gaingels in the US, Latin America, and Europe. As a Venture Partner for Gaingels, Patrick hosted a group of 30 LGBTQ+ angels to explore the emerging startup ecosystems in Latin America in partnership with Google, 500 Global, VC leaders, and top queer-led startups. He has also sourced deals including Ureeka for Gaingels, performing due diligence, investor interviews, and financial analysis.

Further supporting the LGBTQ+ community, Patrick was hand-selected to chair StartOut’s VC and Fundraising board of 15 diverse entrepreneurs, investors, founders, and ecosystem supporters for the global LGBTQ+ entrepreneurial population. He maintains relationships with corporates in the US and abroad in these capacities and has run or facilitated more than 30 events, panels, demo days, and networking opportunities.

Before joining Chasing Rainbows, Patrick led the H4X Labs acceleration program for BMNT, deploying $1 million each in 20 companies coupled with multiple hours of bespoke technical assistance. Company success metrics are high with three exits, and four successful funding rounds based on connections through his network.

In addition to his role at Chasing Rainbows, Patrick is a Venture Capital Product Marketing Lead at Carta, driving value for VC and LP customers across the globe.

Patrick is connected to startups, corporate partners, and a global network of investors. He previously ran 500 Globals’ investor education programs and has spoken on panels, podcasts, and at top universities on startup ecosystems and network building. He is a connector at heart, relying on empowering multiple stakeholders simultaneously to drive value.