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Hosted by Yogesh Achari & 3 others
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New Delhi, Delhi
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Join us to embrace the thrill of the Bull Run at the Bulls Party, hosted by Diamante Blockchain x x NFTFN

About us

Diamante Blockchain

Diamante Blockchain aims to revolutionize the crypto landscape through Diamante Net, A 4th gen, Layer-1 hybrid chain known for its speed, security, and versatility.

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XT, a leading CEX with over 1,000 trading pairs, meet with the team to learn more about XT and it's future plans.

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NFTFN is an order-book-based NFT Perpetual DEX | Traders can go Long and Short on the NFT market via indexes

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​​​🤝Who's Invited: Leading web3 Founders, CXOs and Builders.

​Don't miss out on this opportunity to connect, learn, and party with the BULLS right here in Delhi.

​​​Just Great People and Great Conversation and to keep the Web3 vibes rolling and stay in the loop with all things, Don't let this chance slip away- See you there

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New Delhi, Delhi