PLG vs. B2B: How PLG is Shaping the Future of SaaS Demos

Tue, Sep 21, 2021, 6:00 PM UTC


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It’s a cold, hard truth; most SaaS demos fall WAY short of our buyer’s expectations.

They aren’t tailored to our buyer’s specific problems, use-case(s), or even industry vertical. Worse yet, we’re forced to demo our cutting-edge software with canned slideware, recorded videos or, even worse, to show our customers’ real data during a live demo.

But there’s a better way. And organizations that embrace a product-led growth motion are shaping what that future looks like.

After 1,000s of interviews, and 30+ executive roundtables, we’re ready to bring a series of “futuristic” demo best practices to the PreSales Collective community. Join us as we explore how the rise of PLG is shaping the future of software demos & how PreSales professionals are adapting to thrive in the new environment.

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