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Park City Marketing Club: Telling Your Brand Story with Video

Hosted by Cat Johnson
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On May 22 we’re digging into video storytelling with our new PCMC member Paul Hochman, cofounder of Humongous Media.

Here are the details:

Get an inside look at a key skill in the life of any successful business: how to tell their brand, product or process story fast, in video form to customers, sales teams, investors and prospects.

The data, insights and case studies we’ll share are founded on 15 years of creating targeted B2C and B2B video content for Fortune 50 clients like Amazon, Comcast and Akamai; and hundreds of startups nobody had ever heard of before.

The case studies and data will lend numerical ‘focus’ to what has traditionally been a squishy enterprise; and ideally leave each attendee with strategies they can implement on their own.

About Paul

Paul Hochman co-founded Humongous Media in 2008 after almost a decade as the on-camera 'Gear and Technology' host for the NBC Today Show. He was also a contributing writer for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company Magazine, Men's Journal Magazine, and FORTUNE Magazine and was the Ski Test Director for SKI Magazine.

Humongous Media's first customer: Amazon. We built targeted, data-driven bursts of short-format content that helped Amazon and clients like, Intel, GE, Safeco/Liberty Mutual, Akamai and Ford Motor Company simplify and demystify their offering. The audience: customers, sales teams, investors, CS centers, channel partners, buyers and sellers. We created our content using a nationally-distributed team of vendors and employees.

Spectacular results: Helped reduce returns in Amazon's Car Electronics business unit by 90%. Built and deployed a new SMS-launched video content campaign that reduced Comcast customer-service center calls by 30%; and raised the "Comcast Moves" unit's NPS score from -9 to +15. Helped Georgia Pacific quintuple their B2B eComm paper-cup sales (+526%). Helped launch its new self-service "Sponsored Products" media hub, driving organic ad-revenue growth of 30%+. Created and deployed an on-device app for Amazon's Alexa business group that helped prospective brick-and-mortar Sprint customers learn Alexa smartphone functionality in 2000+ stores nationwide. Currently leverage AI to generate brand and product-story campaigns.

Five thousand videos, hundreds of powerful case studies and countless wins later, here's what we've learned: If you pitch your customer, they'll leave. If you help your customer, they'll beat a path to your door.

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