Cover Image for Oxford Build School
Cover Image for Oxford Build School
Events that help talented folks learn, earn, and build on Solana
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Build School offers students a holistic and enriching 1-day experience, equipping them with practical skills, industry connections, and the confidence to excel in the rapidly evolving Web3 and emerging tech landscape.

What is the Mission of Build School?

  • To discover the next generation of world class builders, leaders, creators and researchers interested in emerging technologies such as Blockchain, AI, XR and IoT

  • To introduce high caliber university student’s to online earning opportunities available through bounties, grants, hackathons and careers on EARN & Huzzle

  • To upskill student’s entrepreneurial and developer skills with interactive technical and non-technical in-person workshops from industry experts 

  • To provide tools and resources with EasyA & Blockchain Sensei for student success post build school experience to continue their learning, earning and building adventure 

  • To reveal how to become a Superteam Member for access to our member perks (learn more), and showcase the pathway towards becoming an Ambassador of Superteam

Why are we Hosting Build School?

  • To connect industry leaders with talent university students, so they can share their real world experiences building successful careers in emerging tech sector

  • To provide practical education on the steps to becoming an entrepreneur, developer, creative in the web3 ecosystem, and share the vast opportunities that exist online

  • To offer space for students to showcase their portfolio, present their project, and potentially win prizes through our live pitch competition, and bounties

  • To encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration, bringing together students from various  schools, and to plant the seeds for a future inter-university hackathon

Who is Build School right for?

  • Builders

    • Favourite Subjects: Computer Science, Engineering, Design & Technology, Art

    • STUK Opportunities: Bounties, Grants, Hackathons

    • Pathway: Dev Rel Ambassador

  • Leaders

    • Favourite Subjects: Business Studies, Economics, Politics , Finance

    • STUK Opportunities: Mentors, Grants, Hackathons

    • Pathway: Industry Leader Mentor, Event or Student Ambassador

  • Creators

    • Favourite Subjects: Art , Graphic Design , Fashion , Animation , Photography, Videography 

    • STUK Opportunities: Bounties, Content, Collabs, 

    • Pathway: Social or Student Ambassador

  • Researchers

    • Favourite Subject: Journalism , Economics , Politics , History , Finance

    • STUK Opportunities: Bounties, Content, Grants

    • Pathway: Student or Social Ambassador

Hobbies & Interests

  • Presidents of Society's

  • Captains of Sports Teams

  • University Event Hosts 

Social Media • Writing • Gaming • Sports • Theatre

​​​For more info, reach out to us on the SuperteamUK Discord.


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University of Oxford
Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD, UK
Hosted at a Oxford University College, with details shared privately to those approved
Events that help talented folks learn, earn, and build on Solana
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