Repair Damaged Metabolism: Organic Acids Lab Interpretation



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​​​In this engaging live class on Repair Damaged Metabolism: Organic Acids Lab Interpretation by Dr. Daniel Kalish you’ll take home the following:

We'll discuss the underpinnings of a damaged metabolism, and how to repair using lab-based supplement protocols. Insulin resistance leads to so many problems in our patients and often needs to be addressed in a comprehensive way. 

Lab interpretation skills are essential to designing targeted therapeutic supplement programs and learning how to use organic acids testing delivers direct insights on a patient's ability to burn fatty acids and glucose for fuel.

Join Dr. Kalish, and learn how to determine if a patient's metabolism is working properly, and if not, how to use personalized supplement programs to target key enzymes and restore metabolic health. 

​​​This free course is hosted by Rupa Healththe best way to order functional & integrative tests from 20+ specialty labs, reducing your time spent ordering labs by 90% and helping you provide a superior patient experience.


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