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The Rising Trend of One-Person Businesses

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Austin, Texas
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Come join us for this fun meetup about the rising trend of high value One-person businesses. A simple search on popular social media platforms shows tons of people talking about one-person businesses, which is evident by the number of blog articles, TikTok videos, and YouTube videos posted every day. People love it because of the creative freedom it provides with no one to answer to. Sign up to join in the conversation where we will showcase various types of One-Person business models that you can start all on your own.

We will be covering the following topics throughout this meetup:

  • The most popular type of digital products and online courses that people sell

  • How AI is making it easier to start a One-Person Business

  • The complex setup of drop shipping and how you can make it work for you, for both physical products and services

  • How to build a support team to help you scale your business

  • What platform are the best for selling courses, digital products, physical products, services, and more

  • How to get into the 48-hour One-Person Business launch challenges

  • and lots more!

Our goal after each event is to inspire and motivate you to go home and launch your own business or businesses right away without the fear of failure to paralyze you.

The host of this meetup has helped many people start their own One-Person business and get launched right away.

Parking situation: Street parking is free starting at 6 pm.

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Austin, Texas
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