Cover Image for Onchain AI Day w/ ORA
Cover Image for Onchain AI Day w/ ORA
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Onchain AI Day w/ ORA

Hosted by Alec James & 3 others
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Learn about Onchain AI with ORA!

Workshop, discussion and networking to inspire the next generation of AI-powered onchain applications.

We'll provide drinks and snacks, all you need to bring is good vibes! There's some cool merch waiting for you.

About ORA

ORA is Ethereum’s trustless AI that enables AI and any-size compute on blockchains.

ORA breaks down the limitations of smart contracts by offering—AI, richer data sources and arbitrary compute—so developers can innovate freely.

ORA’s work has been trusted by Compound, Ethereum Foundation, Uniswap, Optimism, Arbitrum, Manta, and beyond. ORA has deployed the world's first onchain ai oracle on Ethereum Mainnet, OP Mainnet, Arbitrum, Polygon, Manta Network, with more to come.

ORA makes using Onchain AI reality. ORA contributes a suite of cutting-edge research and products to the field, including the leading zkML, opML, and opp/ai frameworks. | |

Agenda —

7:00pm Warm welcome, food and drinks

7:30pm Onchain AI Oracle Workshop

8:00pm AI-powered dApps Panel w/ CoWSwap
Panelists to be announced

8:30pm Networking

10pm Closing

ORA's Hyper Scholar Program

We are announcing Season 2 of the Hyper Scholar Program!
Our goal with this program is to educate developers about ORA and support them to build AI-powered dApps. By joining the program you will have a great opportunity to expand your skills, work closely with our world-class team, network with other builders and get sponsored to attend a web3 conference & hackathon.

Each of our Hyper Scholar Season 1 candidates was awarded 1+ hackathon prizes using ORA's tech stack.

If you are interested in applying fill in the following form and we'll get back to you.
— Apply here

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115 Going