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IOSG Old Friends Reunion in Singapore - LSD & ZK Modular

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📌Venue Update: Parkroyal Collection Pickering Level 2

Dive deep into the heart of the crypto revolution with IOSG Ventures as we bring together the luminaries, pioneers, and vanguards of the decentralized world.

Unveiling the next chapter of our acclaimed event IOSG Old Friends Reunion in Singapore @Token2049. From our past renditions like the Generative World Architecture,Scaling Solutions, Sovereign Individual, Dataverse and Security, we now transition to deciphering the potential and intricacies of Staking & Restaking, Decentralized Trust, Data Ownership, Modular Blockchain, ZK-EVM, and so much more.

🌐 OFR Memories

Over the past 6 years, we’ve successfully held a series of Old Friends Reunion, all the founders and thought leaders sharing profound discussions in OFR events, with more than 10k onsite visits, 80k+ views via Youtube streaming, 300+ industry experts and 15+ top-tier media coverage, laying the foundation of Crypto’s future. Following the success of OFR Denver 2023 — Security Day, OFR Lisbon 2022 — Sovereign Individual&ZK Odyssey, and OFR Shenzhen 2021 — Scaling Summit&Metaverse Carnival, we’re thrilled to carry forward the trend and add value to the dynamic crypto industry in 2023. Stay tuned through our Twitter and Join the Telegram Group for more information.

​Join us in this exclusive enclave, as we, together, lay the foundation for crypto's future.

About IOSG Ventures

​​​​IOSG Ventures is a pioneering crypto fund founded in 2017 that invests in the future of Web3. As a thesis-driven firm, we assist founders in developing community-driven protocols that are primed to transform the crypto landscape. Our portfolio comprises a wide range of innovative and high-potential investments, including ZKRU (Scroll, StarkWare, Arbitrum, zkSync), Security Auditing(Runtime Verification, Hexens), MEV (Flashbots, Blocknative), DeFi/NFT-Fi (1inch, MetaMask), FOG (Big Time, Illuvium), and a number of industry leaders including Arweave, Cosmos, Celestia, EigenLayer, Scroll, zkSync, Nil Foundation, and Mina, etc. We are passionate about investing in crypto-native paradigms that have the potential to transform the future of the industry, whether you’re building infra, middleware, security, gaming, or social platforms. Follow us on Twitter to stay tuned to us!