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The NutrEval : The Intersection of Micronutrient Testing and Cellular Health

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Many people think of micronutrient testing as just a simple test to determine what vitamins they should be taking. However, comprehensive analyses such as the NutrEval are also a deep dive into the function of the cell. Cellular wellness looks at things such as oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction, and poor enzymatic activity which can ultimately lead to many chronic health complaints. Join us for the unique discussion on how micronutrient testing can be utilized to provide deep cellular insight. When our cells are optimized, there can be a huge transformative effect in the lives of our patients.

  1. Understand the clinical importance of cellular health and dysfunction

  2. Identify key biomarkers related to functional nutrition testing

  3. Gain knowledge of how the NutrEval compares to other micronutrient tests

  4. Feel confident implementing micronutrient testing into your clinical practice

  5. Get insights into the future of metabolomic and micronutrient testing

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