Cover Image for New Moon Red Tent Circle
Cover Image for New Moon Red Tent Circle

New Moon Red Tent Circle

Hosted by Kohenet Annie Matan
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New Moon Red Tent Circle with Kohenet Annie Matan

In this intimate, monthly gathering, we celebrate the new moon with an opportunity to release what doesn’t serve us and sow the seeds of our intention that will manifest through our daily thoughts and actions as the moon waxes.

A space to just BE.

It’s not a workshop, simply a warm and welcoming space to gather and share. Kohenet Annie Matan facilitates a sacred space in which to be seen, heard and held. We show up authentically, with our vulnerability and our power.

We aim for our time together to feel like an exhale.

You are invited to come with some food or drink to share and a virtual or physical offering to place on our altar (more details below).

The typical outline of the evening looks like this (subject to change):

  • Arriving with song

  • Naming ourselves into the new month

  • Orienting to the season, holidays and astrology

  • Offerings for the altar (all are invited to bring something to share or charge up on our altar.) Past offerings have included (and are not limited to): poetry, song, piece of wisdom, question, art, object, card readings, breathwork, movement, crystals. (Please take your physical offerings home with you.)

  • Personal Sharing Circle for confidential sharing and witnessing of what is up for each of us in the moment, with no fixing or advice. (What is shared in the Red Tent stays in the Red Tent)

  • Checking out

  • Closing song

This circle is open to all cis and trans women. If you need a brave space to connect with other wise women, this circle is for you, whether you have a menstrual cycle or not.

Meets monthly on Thursdays, from 8-10 PM in person.


Sliding scale payment options are $33 (Full price) $22.11 (Use Coupon Code: SLIDE33) $11.22 (Use Coupon Code: SLIDE66) per event.

Or you can pay for the whole series of six sessions and save the hassle of registering each month. I will not be offering a series discount this year or updating the series price after the first session. Sliding scale is by % so Coupon codes work on series price, too.

No one will be turned away for lack of financial resources.

If you would like to help cover the cost of subsidized registrations, please consider supporting me with an extra donation. Contact me if you can help.

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