Cover Image for Tackling Toxicity in the New Mexico Permian
Cover Image for Tackling Toxicity in the New Mexico Permian
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Tackling Toxicity in the New Mexico Permian

Hosted by Halt The Harm Network, Melissa Troutman & Kayley Shoup
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Oil production is expanding faster in New Mexico than anywhere else in the U.S., and the NM Permian Basin is at the heart of that toxic growth.

At this webinar, we’ll be joined by individuals and groups from New Mexico who are pushing back to protect their communities from the harmful effects of the rapid Oil & Gas expansion on the New Mexico side of the Permian Basin. 

The speakers will discuss the local air, water, and health impacts from fossil fuel operations, and the big impact New Mexico is having on our climate. Those activities include not only conventional oil drilling, but fracking, frac sand mining, heavy truck traffic, and more. 

You’ll learn how grassroots groups in the state are standing up to the industry and political roadblocks, as well as the solutions they’re working hard to implement. 


  • Kayley Shoup, Citizens Caring for the Future

  • Sarah Granado, Jal, New Mexico

  • Melissa Troutman, Wild Earth Guardians

  • Charlie Barrett, Earthworks

104 Going