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1:1 session with Melissa McCool

Hosted by Angel Club & Melissa McCool
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Melissa is a great person to speak with about:

  • ​Founder wellbeing and mental health

  • ​Herding cats and keeping the team focused

  • ​Identifying and developing your whisper

About Melissa McCool, LCSW

​Melissa is a psychotherapist and the former founder of Stellicare, a behavioral health startup. She is currently the Head of Product at Ellipsis Health. In 2010, while working as a nephrology social worker, Melissa created a clinical program called Symptom Targeted Intervention (STI) to help address untreated depression in her dialysis patients. STI is now used in over 5000 dialysis clinics to improve the clinical outcomes of the most vulnerable patients.

​Since 2010, Melissa has conducted research, written articles, created training videos, and designed and developed products and software to improve mental health. In 2017, while working as the CEO of Stellicare, Melissa and nine other female founders created Fair Funders, to help underrepresented founders raise capital. She was on the board of Fair Funders until 2021.

​Melissa worked for many years as a psychotherapist at Kaiser Permanente in the outpatient psychiatry clinic in Vista, CA. She continues to see patients privately in her Encinitas, California office and specializes in treating complex PTSD using EMDR. When she isn’t working at Ellipsis Health, she enjoys modern dance, swimming in the ocean, and spending time with her husband, three kids, and dog. Her degrees are from UCSD and Columbia University.