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TUESDAY • JUST MEDITATION • 1h Class • Great Waltham

Hosted by Hatha Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation & Susan
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About Event

Learn to meditate Tuesday evenings GREAT WALTHAM VILLAGE HALL.


:: Regular meditation practice has been shown to enhance stronger family/partner coherence, help with stronger focus and concentration, reduce tension, alleviate anxiety, depression and stress, together with clearer thinking and less emotional turmoil.

:: Maybe you're looking for a deeper sense of meaning, purpose and spiritual advancement. Or maybe you would like to enable greater creativity and enhanced performance in your work, sport and play.

:: If you're looking for increased awareness of self-understanding or enhanced feelings of happiness and contentment, come along.

:: Venue is Great Waltham Village Hall, South Street, Great Waltham Essex. Please arrive in time to start the class at 7.15pm

:: CANCELLATION POLICY:: If any classes are cancelled due to emergency government covid legislation a full refund will be given. Else, cancellation of class 14 days or more prior to starting will incur a 50% charge. cancellation of a class within 14 days prior to a class will incur a 75% charge.

:: COVID19:: All classes will adhere to covid rules.