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Masters of their craft and the pursuit of excellence, with Polina Marinova

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“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”
Benjamin Franklin

Polina Marinova knows about mastery and excellence. Whether it’s Steve Schwartzman, Melinda Gates or Elon Musk, she’s extensively studied the world’s most successful and interesting people in business, entertainment, tech, sports, and more.

And since everyone has a story, we can all learn a lesson or two from the world's most successful, including:

  • Their habits, routines, and rituals

  • How they approach complex problems and decisions

  • Leadership tactics to grow their organizations

  • How they build genuine and authentic relationships

Polina’s also a career pivoter, leaving Fortune’s industry renknown Term Sheet newsletter for solopreneurship as the founder of The Profile.

She’ll share how she got the courage to leave an established role, the inevitable trade-offs, and how she scales her business.

(And btw, The Profile is endorsed by The Rock!)


Polina Marinova Pompliano is the founder of The Profile, a new media company that features longform profiles of successful people and companies each week. Previously, she spent five years at FORTUNE where she was the author and editor of Term Sheet, FORTUNE’s industry-leading dealmaking newsletter. Polina has interviewed the industry’s most influential dealmakers, including Stephen Schwarzman, Melinda Gates, Steve Case, Chamath Palihapitiya, Alexis Ohanian, and more. She graduated from the University of Georgia and started her career at CNN and USA TODAY.