Cover Image for Mapping Ties: Season One Celebration 🎉
Cover Image for Mapping Ties: Season One Celebration 🎉
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Mapping Ties: Season One Celebration 🎉

Hosted by Handle with Brain
Past Event
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We started Mapping Ties to surface real stories of success and struggle of those building internal communities within their organisations. So we can all learn from one another. 🌱

As we are closing the first edition, we're itching with curiosity and desire to bring all those of you who listed around the virtual table, to reflect, celebrate, and capture our collective learnings. 🤩

On January 18th, we'll workshop our way through a magical island, where a valuable treasure awaits! 🏴‍☠️

Join us for this interactive hour and a half, and let's explore the practice of internal community building together with other practitioners, and some of our podcast hosts so far.

Here's what's on the agenda:
🤩 Connect with other community builders
💭 Reflect on the first season and go back to the takeaways
💡 Bounce off ideas and share best practices

For this workshop, Anamaria and Sophie will be joined by Julia Stewart, a creative learning experience designer and talented facilitator.

If you've missed some of the live Mapping Ties conversations, you can go back to them here:
🎧 Spotify
🎧 Apple Podcasts

And browse our project Padlet board for insights, resources and takeaways from each conversation. ✨

And if you are building an internal community within your company (community of practice, ERG, innovation community, etc), and would like to join us on the show, please drop us a line in this form, and we'll reach out!

This session will be hosted in Butter and Miro.

For the smoothest experience, do join using Google Chrome on a laptop or PC or download our desktop app. This is an interactive workshop, so please do not join us from mobile.

We recommend joining in with your ad blockers turned off (temporarily) and not in incognito mode, so that nothing interferes with the Miro integration.

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