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Making the best out of fonts!

Hosted by Axelle Vanquaillie & Filippo Buzzini
Past Event
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When talking about visual storytelling, you might think of drawings and icons in the first place.  Along with the images, text and typography deserve equal attention, simply because fonts have their own powerful expression.  They can be used to lead the eye where it should go and add drama to your presentation.  In this workshop, Filippo Buzzini will teach you how well-chosen fonts become the perfect foundation of your visual story!  

As a Swiss-based Drawifier and professional visual practitioner, Filippo Buzzini a.k.a. Pippo, is the founder of Sketchy Solutions.  His zone of genius is to draw the essence of things like events, projects, and ideas to help people get to the point in the blink of an eye.  Typography plays a crucial role in his cheerful work which is inspired by street art, comics and lettering!  This workshop is your chance to pick up fundamental knowledge on the use of fonts from a real typography and handlettering expert.

Topics that will be covered:

  • Fonts size and hierarchy

  • Which font fits when

  • Shadows and shades

  • How to combine fonts with images

See you at the workshop on the 17th of December!