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Michigan Notary Basics

Hosted by Velita Faulk
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*Small class sizes for enhanced learning, community, and ongoing support. For more info, email:

This class will teach you:

  • The steps required to become a Michigan notary public

  • The maximum fees you can charge

  • How to price your services without breaking the law

  • How to execute notarial acts like an expert

  • How to identify types of notarial acts

  • When to refuse to notarize

  • How to find customers

  • How to avoid liability and maintain your Michigan notary commission

  • How to leverage your commission for other opportunities

  • How to identify prohibited notarial acts and avoid notarial misconduct

  • How to complete notarial certificates

  • How to Identify and avoid conflicts of interest when performing notarial acts

  • How to avoid practicing law without a license

  • How to use and safeguard your Michigan notary stamp, seal, and journal

  • The required information you must record in your journal

  • How to properly correct notary journal entries

  • The powers and duties of the notary as authorized by Michigan law

  • How to deal with signers with sight or illiteracy problems, elderly signers, documents written in a foreign language, or a signer who does not speak the same language that you do)