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Toronto Climate Series by MCJ - Circularity

Hosted by Fab Barrillot, Chloe D'Agostini & Becky Romanovsky
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Welcome to our 4th MCJ climate series in Toronto. Our topic is “Embracing a Circular Economy for a Greener Future”

Interested, curious, or passionate about Climate? Join us on July 26th for networking and to learn from Haley Anderson &Nikki Self

Please note: there are limited spots for this event. Kindly only join if you are certain of your attendance.

6pm: Meet & Greet

6.30 - Haley Anderson

Topic: Introducing Circularity & Industry Deep Dives

Haley is a Toronto-based innovation designer specializing in human-centred sustainability solutions. With expertise in design, entrepreneurship, communications, and urbanism, she helps organizations achieve circularity goals by creating transformative services and programs. Haley's work includes building circular fashion brands, establishing zero-waste workplaces, and promoting material reuse in the building sector. She collaborates across sectors and cities to drive sustainable practices and policies.

6.45 - Nikki Self, Founder & CEO, Saponetti

Topic:  Circularity and Waste

About Nikki:  Nikki Self is the co-founder of Saponetti, an innovative small business in Canada’s growing circular economy. Her focus is on helping consumers and companies reduce waste packaging in everyday home goods to support sustainability and the environment. Saponetti was founded by Nikki and her husband Christian von Seydlitz in Toronto in 2016 to offer zero-waste alternatives for home goods. It has grown from an online soap refillery to a storefront operation offering emission-free delivery and on-site refills.  Saponetti Home Essentials is a refills-only line of soaps sold exclusively in refundable packaging and is available at local retail grocery stores since 2022.

7.00 pm: Jason Greenberg, Founder & CEO, rCycle

About: Jason is a serial technology entrepreneur specializing in disruptive software platforms for the consumer and business markets. His current endeavour rCycle rewards sustainable actions of citizens and organizations at all stages of commerce to incentivize and enable a circular economy. Prior to rCycle Jason founded 40Grid, an enterprise SaaS platform for home services businesses and prior to that led intrapreneurial product and marketing initiatives at startups and medium size companies. Jason has worked in various industries and arenas including sustainability, pest management, debt collection, gaming, augmented-reality, toys, children's entertainment, and music. Jason is most passionate about the environment and sustainable business and believes creativity holds the answers to the world's biggest problems including the global-scale environmental ones we are facing today.

7.15 pm: Breakout rooms

8.00pm- Network & Mingle

Everyone is welcome to join the event and help us grow the community in Toronto.

Location:  CSI, CSI Spadina 192 Spadina Ave., Toronto, ON M5T 2C2
The list of attendees will be shared 1 day before the event starts with the details.

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About our Hosts
Becky Romanovsky
Fab Barrillot
Chloe D'Agostini