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Toronto Climate Series by MCJ - People & Nature: Impactful Stories through Film

Hosted by Fab Barrillot, Chloe D'Agostini & Becky Romanovsky
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Welcome to the MCJ climate series in Toronto. Our special event this month is exploring ”People & Nature: Impactful Stories through Film"

Interested, curious, or passionate about Climate? Join us on August 31st for networking, learning, and a night full of incredible short films!

​Please note: there are limited spots for this event. Kindly only join if you are certain of your attendance.

This month we will viewing a series of powerful short films, exploring the impact humans can have to wildlife and nature.

6.00pm: Meet & Greet

6.30 - We Animals Media

Film: Our Dying Coastlines

​About We Animals Media: We Animals Media brings visibility to hidden animals through compelling photojournalism. As the world’s leading animal photojournalism agency, they document the stories of animals used for human purposes — for food, fashion, entertainment and experimentation — and connect those stories to the individuals, organizations and media who can amplify their reach.

6.50 - Toronto Wildlife Centre, Brittany Seki and Nicole Van Zutphen

Film: Well-Built But Vulnerable

​About TWC: The registered charity has dedicated the last 30 years to the rescue and rehabilitation of sick, injured and orphaned wild animals, and to educating the public on wildlife-related issues. With an accredited and fully-equipped veterinary hospital and rescue program, more than 120,000 wild animals from 300 species have been admitted. Toronto Wildlife Centre’s mission is to build a healthy community for people and wildlife.

7.10pm - Alex Leonard

Film: Humans & Elephants

​About Alex: Alex is the founder of AL Media, a creative video production agency based in Toronto, Helping Brands Talk About Sustainability. Alex's education combines Communication, Marketing, and Environmental Studies, which have helped him be able to speak confidently on the doom and bloom of the climate crisis, addressing both critical issues and innovative solutions. Alex's debut documentary, Humans and Elephants, is an ethical insight into the relationship between humans and elephants throughout Asia.

7.40pm - Panel Discussion and Audience Q&A

8.20pm - 9.00pm - Mingle & Close.

​Everyone is welcome to join the event and help us grow the community in Toronto.

​Location: CSI Spadina is located at 192 Spadina Ave. Entrance code: 4921
Toronto, ON M5T 2C2.

​A huge thank you to our incredible host for this event: Centre for Social Innovation - Spadina

The list of attendees will be shared 1 day before the event starts with the details.

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Chloe D'Agostini
Becky Romanovsky
Fab Barrillot