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MCJ Monthly Idea Jams

This is a multi-session event. Please choose the sessions you would like to register for.
About Event

Working on an idea or early-stage startup in climate that you would like to get MCJ community feedback on? Looking to see what MCJ Members are working on behind the scenes, and contribute your opinion? Join an MCJ Idea Jam!

How these sessions go:

  1. Two presenters pitch their idea to the group.

  2. Attending community members provide feedback on the ideas shared. Feedback ranges from the presentation style to thoughts on the idea/market.

Currently, we run one session a month.

Each Idea Jam is centered around a certain theme:

  • 8/16 9 am PT

  • 9/27 9 am PT

  • 10/18 9 am PT

  • 11/15 9 am PT

The goal? That these sessions provide a chance for MCJ members to get help with roadblocks, meet co-founders or future employees, connect with investors, or people working on similar topics. For people just listening in, these sessions may spark your own ideas, and in the process enable you to meet others!

Have any questions? Let us know:
Want to pitch at a future MCJ Idea Jam? Complete this registration form and we'll get in touch!
If you'd like to help out with running these Idea Jams, reach out to Schaffer Ochstein in the MCJ Slack.