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MCJ + Climate People Climate Career Advancement Meetup

Hosted by Climate People & 3 others
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About Event

Interested in a career in climate?

Climate People and MCJ Collective are collaborating to present a monthly series of invaluable tips and tricks to advance your career working on climate. Our career advancement meetup offers a unique opportunity to learn from experts, build a strong community, and chart your path in the climate sector.

​Join the MCJ and Climate People team every second Wednesday of the month as we tackle the challenges of the climate job search together.

​​Please reach out with any questions or feedback. Anyone is welcome to join, regardless of whether you're an existing MCJ member.


How I Built This (Career)

March's session is an opportunity for you to learn from the experts! We've gathered industry professionals from various industries — commercialization, product, engineering, and sales — to talk about their journeys, any advice they have, and recommended resources!

We will start with a lightning round of speaker introductions and then head into breakout rooms where you can ask any questions.

See you there!