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MCJ AMA: David Antonioli

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Join us in the MCJ Community Slack to kick off our 24 hour 'Ask Me Anything' with David Antonioli.

Our next MCJ Ask-Me-Anything is with David Antonioli, Chief Executive Officer of Verra. Verra accelerates action on climate change and sustainable development through standards that drive investment to achieve measurable high-integrity outcomes for global stakeholders. The organization’s flagship program, the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) Program, is the world’s leading greenhouse gas crediting program in the voluntary carbon market.

  • David was recently a guest on our My Climate Journey podcast in March 2022. Listen to David’s episode and read the transcript here.

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Let’s meet our guest…

Meet David: As CEO at Verra, David oversees all aspects of the organisation and ensures its financial and operational health and that the organisations’s certification programs meet high-quality integrity and transparency standards. Before joining Verra, David worked at EcoSecurities in Oxford (UK) where spearheaded the company’s efforts in the voluntary market, helping to identify key infrastructure and procedural needs that the voluntary carbon market lacked in the early days of its existence.. David began his career at ICF Consulting, providing technical advice to Latin American countries developing their GHG inventories and was a global climate change advisor in Mexico at the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Our AMA with David will start on Wednesday 30th November at 9am PST - 12pm EST - 5pm GMT and run asynchronously in our MCJ AMA slack channel for 24 hours.

In David’s episode with Jason, they cover:

  • An overview of Verra and the work that David does with the company.

  • The history of carbon offsets, the current carbon offset landscape and key stakeholders and how to create a better offset market for the future.

  • The various types of offsets and certification projects existing today, and how reductions and offsets play a role in the quality of net-zero commitments and progress.

  • How to incentivize big companies and corporations to care about the quality of offsets.

  • How Verra measures success and quality of offsets, and scales without compromising quality.

  • How far the voluntary market can get us to a clean future and the importance of a compliance market.

  • The role of Web3 and AI technology in Verra's future.

  • A discussion on the existing capitalistic system that, in part, caused the climate crisis and whether that system is the economy of the future.

You can also read a short interview David did with Environmental Finance here.

Set your reminders, and get your questions ready! No need to have listened to David’s episode, you can ask him anything!


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