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MCJ AMA: Carlos Araque

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Join us in the MCJ Community Slack for a 24 hour 'Ask Me Anything' with Carlos Araque, Co-Founder and CEO of Quaise Energy.

Our next MCJ Ask-Me-Anything is with Carlos Araque, co-founder and CEO of Quaise Energy. Quaise is seeking to unlock the power of geothermal energy by drilling into deeper and hotter parts of the earth than ever, using microwave-based technology rather than traditional mechanical drill bits.

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Let’s meet our guest…

Meet Carlos: Carlos grew up in Medellin, Colombia, during the turbulent 1980s and 1990s. After matriculating to MIT, he then found himself solving difficult technical challenges in the oil and gas industry for Schlumberger as a Technology Development Manager. After serving as technical director for The Engine (MIT’s fund and platform that aims to commercialize world-changing technologies) Carlos founded Quaise with the belief that supercritical geothermal power has the potential to replace fossil fuels as the world’s dominant energy source.

Our AMA with Carlos will start on Wednesday 22nd March at 12.30pm PST - 3.30pm EST - 7.30pm GMT and will run asynchronously in the MCJ AMA slack channel for 24 hours.

In Carlos’ episode with Cody, Carlos walks us through how geothermal energy is harnessed today and what has held it back from a scale perspective. He also offers a unique futurist point of view that there are only three forms of energy that have the potential to offer abundant clean energy to humanity at scale on a multi-decade or century-scale timeframe: fission, fusion, and deep geothermal. From his perspective, the energy density profiles of wind and solar relative to their land use requirements will eventually cause them to hit limitations. They also cover:

  • [2:50] Carlos' background and serendipitous path to starting Quaise

  • [14:25] An overview of geothermal

  • [18:04] Different use cases and geothermal's potential

  • [21:37] The different types of geothermal, including hydrothermal and EGS systems

  • [23:32] What's holding geothermal back today

  • [25:40] Quaise's approach

  • [29:55] How Quaise repurposes oil and gas capabilities to deploy their different technology

  • [35:28] Core assumptions the company is working towards in the lab

  • [38:37] Challenges associated with scaling

  • [40:58] The role of regulation

  • [45:37] Quaise's business model

  • [48:37] How Carlos evaluates risks associated with his business

  • [52:44] Geographic footprint required for other forms of renewable energy

  • [55:01] Where new skills are needed from a talent perspective

  • [57:01] What's next for Quaise and where they need help

Set your reminders, and get your questions ready! You can ask Carlos anything!


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